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Our study of the 21 most important iPhone patents was able to generate such an accurate description of the iPhone that we decided to carry out the same study on the Zune phone which will be announced by Microsoft sometime this year.

As you can see from the patents Microsoft have been very busy and its amazing to see how one image looks much the same as the image released by Crunch Gear.

Interestingly some patents mention a clamshell phone. Could the Zune come in a clamshell version as well?

The Patent Applications

Method and apparatus for multi-sensory speech enhancement on a mobile device

A mobile device includes an air conduction microphone and an alternative sensor that provides an alternative sensor signal indicative of speech. A communication interface permits the mobile device to communicate directly with other mobile devices.

Mobile hand-held devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants that provide phone functions or accept speech input are often used in adverse noise environments such as busy streets, restaurants, airports, and cars. The strong ambient noise in these environments can obscure the user’s speech and make it difficult to understand what the person is saying. In addition, it severely degrades speech recognition accuracy.

The mobile device of claim 7 wherein the server hosts a translation program and wherein communicating with the server comprises providing content in one language to the server and receiving a translation in another language from the server.

In the above patent the phone can detect how close it is to your head and clean up the ambient noise to make the conversation easier for both parties to understand. It can also contact the network for real time language translation.

Intelligent Default Selection In An OnScreen Keyboard

Systems and methods are described for intelligent default selection of characters to be entered via an on-screen keyboard. Based on one to several criteria, a character most likely to be selected for entry via the on-screen keyboard during a search request is determined and a selector is positioned at that particular character. If that character is indeed the character the user wishes to enter, the user does not have to execute any navigation steps to enter the character, but can–with a single actuation–enter that character. In many instances, the user will only have to enter the selection without first having to navigate to the selection. As a result, the number of times buttons need to be actuated by the user to enter a character string can be significantly reduced.

Navigational interface providing auxiliary character support for mobile and wearable computers

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a navigational interface is provided. The navigational interface includes an input device that is capable of generating a selection stroke when operated by a user. Such an input device can be a cellular phone, a PDA, or any mobile or wearable device. The navigational interface further includes a sensor pattern containing multiple sensory portions. The sensory portions include a central sensory portion and a plurality of petals sensory portions. A selection strike starting with the central sensory portion initiates text input. An information element associated with text for a language such as language symbols or characters, is referenced by one of the plurality of petal sensory portions. The navigational interface may also include an input interpretation module for interpreting a selection stroke generated from the input device against the sensor pattern so to identify at least one sensory portion included in the selection stroke. The navigational interface may further include a display that maps to the sensor pattern. For example, the display may include a plurality of petal display portions, each of which presents one or more information elements referenced by each of the petal sensory portions of the sensor pattern.

Zune Patent

Capacitance touch slider

An aspect of the present invention is directed to a device for detecting the position of a pointing member such as a human finger or other object on a touch-sensitive scrolling pad.

According to another aspect of the present invention, the device may determine the relative pressure applied by the finger or other object according to the sum or average of the pulse counts from the two oscillators.

Displaying accurate information when multiple contacts are matched for an incoming phone number

When multiple contacts are detected for a phone number of an incoming call, a notification that multiple contacts matched the phone number is displayed. When the display area for displaying the notification is adequate to display a full list of the contacts that correspond to the phone number of the incoming call, the full list is displayed. When the display area is inadequate to display the full list, a scrollable list of the multiple contacts is displayed. Alternatively, when the display area is inadequate, a multiple contacts message is displayed that notifies a user that multiple stored contacts matched the phone number of the incoming phone call.

Mobile, personal, and non-intrusive health monitoring and analysis system

An open architecture, wireless personal area network for receiving, storing, processing, displaying and communicating physiological data. The wireless personal area network may include a personal server, such as a cellular phone, and a plurality of sensors to monitor physiological signs, the user’s motion, the user’s orientation, and environmental factors. The sensors wirelessly provide data to the personal server, which may store, process, display, and communicate the data. An open architecture allows additional sensors to join the network without rendering the personal server irrelevant.

Compact and durable thin smartphone and Compact and durable clamshell smartphone

The subject innovation and/or methods relate to a compact durable communication device that can include a plurality of improvements to provide durability and thinness. The devices can be a clamshell smartphone, a messenger device, a thin smartphone, and/or any other suitable mobile communication device. The improvements can include a magnesium plate, an opening for an electrical component associated with the plate, internal antenna placement, an extended backlight for a dual display, and/or a mono hinge to provide connectivity.

Zune Patent

Pushing Rich Content Information to Mobile Devices

A mobile gateway receives content from a content source, such as an email server, a Web server, or some other content server. For example, content may include email, calendar, contact, task, Web, notification, financial, sports data, configuration information, etc. The mobile gateway customizes the content based on transforms assigned to each mobile client. Transforms account for differences in the software, display, processor, memory, communication channel, and the like, of each mobile client, without imposing additional processing burdens on the content server. Mobile clients may be any type of computer, including telephones, pagers, PDAs, laptops, and other mobile gateways.

Communications device interactive display

When an event is received at the electronic device, the secondary screen reflects a portion of information about the event. The primary screen is synchronized with the secondary screen such that when the primary screen is accessed (such as by opening a clamshell lid) it reflects the information shown on the secondary screen, as well as potentially adding more information.

Controlling a telecommunications device

In accordance with one aspect of the present invention there is provided a telecommunications device comprising a communication alert system arranged to inform the user that a telecommunications signal has been received from a specific originating device, by the use of one of a plurality of indicators. Each indicator is a sensory indication detectable by the user of the device, including an audible, visual or vibratory indication. A controller is arranged to detect a user selectable component of said telecommunications signal and to control the selection of one of a number of indicators based on the user selectable component of the received telecommunications signal;

Preferably the controller is coupled to an address book within which are listed a user’s selection of originating devices from which a telecommunications signal may be generated, the controller being adapted such that in order to affect the selection of the of a plurality of indicators the telecommunications signal must be received from an originating device listed in the address book.

Remotely controlling playback of content on a stored device

A system, method, and computer-readable media are disclosed for remotely controlling playback of content stored on a device. The system, method, and computer-readable media can transmit state-based commands from a host unit to the device in order to control playback of the content. The host unit can control playback of the content without requiring the device to transfer the content to the host unit. The host unit can also be updated as soon as there is a change in any state of the device.