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Log into the App Store now if you haven’t already downloaded Angry Birds as it’s currently free for both iPhone and iPad. Angry Birds is the bestseller app ever and has spawned spin offs such as an upcoming movie and several other popular gaming apps from parent company Rovio. The app has also been updated to contain 15 new levels, bringing even more hours of fun to the already excellent app.

While the Angry Birds app has been around for a few years now, Rovio have been good about updating the original even as they released special versions such as Angry Birds space, which also incidentally just received a major update.

Other apps updated today include the iWork series by Apple which includes the Pages word processor, Keynote presentation software and Numbers spreadsheet. The update is largely ironing out bugs.

If Apple’s in built Calendar isn’t enough for you consider switching to Fantastical  which has just been updated to add features like multiple alerts. It’s currently on sale for $3.99 which if it improves your productivity should prove to be a bargain. The app is highly stylish with a much more modern feel than the inbuilt Apple calendar. Everything about it is simple and user friendly, designed to respond to real world language input like ‘lunch tomorrow’ will schedule at midday.

On the topic of productivity apps, if you haven’t sorted out a to do app that works for you now’s a great time to try some. Cheap and simple is Clear which is a simple list in bright colours that you swipe items when done, giving you great satisfaction of getting items on your list done. It’s very much for daily to do lists rather than longer term ones, but sometimes that’s what you want an app for. For those who like things a bit a lot more complex, try OmniFocus. OmniFocus has you group tasks by how they’re done, to try to make task completion more simple. It requires a lot more input, but it’s great when you want to avoid distraction as it can be used to only show a certain type of task at once such as those that need completing when you’re in town such as picking up batteries or putting that cheque into the bank. It’s also great for scheduling tasks into projects for both parralel and sequential tasks. All this might sound a bit complex, and it’s not for everyone but those who use it and are into the Getting Things Done philosophy swear apps like OmniFocus and Things that use these methods vastly increase their productivity.

Fans of the old Sega game Sonic will cheer the launch of yet another Sonic game for iOS, this time a 3D runner style game called Sonic Dash which is getting good reviews from both users and critics. Currently priced at £1.49 in the app store if you’re looking for a good distraction it could prove a good alternative to similar game Temple Run which is currently near the top of the paid charts.