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There seems to be no end to the war between the mobile phone giants Apple and Samsung, and one more round of their court fight is about to begin.

Not too long ago, Samsung had the iPad mini, the iPad 4 and the new iPod Touch included in their court case against Apple, which is scheduled to start in 2014. Apple swiftly responded by adding the Galaxy Note 2 and the S3 Mini to their own court case against Samsung, along with the Galaxy S3 with version 4.1 of Android.

Nothing new stands out from these recent moves in these court cases. Both manufacturers have marked each other very tightly in the past, coming out with very similar models in hardware and in design, in an effort of continuous escalation of their sales wars. Now Apple and Samsung seem to both have woken up to a world where mobile phones look very much alike, and started suing each other for patents and copyright. You might add that Apple was the first to escalate this conflict by taking it to the courts, but truth be told Samsung’s legal team has very quickly started to retaliate in very much the same measure.

The most intriguing development is a hint that Google, the internet giant that owns Android, might be dragged into one or even several of these disputes. It has long been reported that Google has silently backed Samsung in this case, which so often included jabs being taken at Android, by providing Samsung with information that would otherwise be confidential about the operating system. In fact, many consider that Samsung and the other phone manufacturers that are locked into a patent battle with Apple are serving as a front for Google, that wants to make sure Android doesn’t get harmed in the legal process, but doesn’t want to allow Apple to stroll away with an easy win either.