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After some trepidation, we’re finally set to see the new Apple iPad Mini. The device is going to be unveiled today at 17.00 GMT.

Apple is hoping to take on a market niche that so far has been dominated by two of its most fierce competitors: Google with the Nexus 7 and Amazon with the Kindle Fire. Wall Street analysts have been talking about the possibility of this launch for some time now, and finally it’s here. It’s said that Apple’s profit margins may actually suffer from the launch of this new iPad into the market, but the move is a smart one, since it will stop those big rivals from taking on even more of a market share. And you usually don’t have to ask around too much to find that some users have bought the Nexus or the Kindle because the iPad was “overkill” – they wanted a small tablet for reading and browsing the Internet, and the iPad was simply too much – and cost too much – for their needs.

Now with a cheaper, smaller iPad, the market will have to adjust a bit – as it always does when Apple comes out with a new device. And with the Nexus having trouble breaking even, and the Kindle being sold at cost, it’s not hard to imagine that Apple’s chunk out of the smaller tablet market, no matter how small at first – and we trust that it won’t be small – may be enough to get their rivals in deep water.