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We’ve reported on the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung over copyright claims many times before. Our returning readers will remember how a British court forced Apple put up a statement on their website saying that Samsung did not infringe any of Apple’s copyrights. Apple’s statement was considered to be false, and the court ordered them to delete it and make up another.

We thought this issue would end there, but clearly Apple stroke a bad chord with the judges in that case. They are now claiming that Apple’s original statement was not only wrong, but it delivered what they call “False Innuendo”. Here’s the court’s statement:

“The false innuendo is that the UK court came to a different conclusion about copying,(…)which is not true for the UK court did not form any view about copying. There is a further false innuendo that the UK court’s decision is at odds with decisions in other countries whereas that is simply not true.”

So basically, Apple tried to sugar coat the fact that they lost the court case by making references to other court instances that they won, and the judges didn’t like that.

Even worse, they are not making Apple pay for Samsung’s court fees on this case on an “indemnity” basis, which means they’ll have to cover more than the standard fee. This decision is the sign that the court found that Apple didn’t respect the original decision and tried to scheme their way around it, which made the court rule on a larger fine.

This is bad news for Apple, coming in practically the same day that they settled the case against HTC with a 10-year licensing agreement. This move has already been talked by some analysts to be a sign of Apple no longer having so much faith that their claims are as rock solid as they originally did. In fact, other than the court case in the United States, Apple has been losing copyright claims left and right, and their litigious campaign may have to come to a grinding halt if they are to save face and still come away from this with what’s left of their aura or originality and invincibility.