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Bad Credit?

Have you been turned down by a service provider due to a rough financial period in your life? Have you had to turn away from the getting a smartphone because the mobile service provider charged a higher deposit fee than you could afford?

We at understand that sometimes life can be a bit on the tossed side, that sometimes circumstances really are outside your control. Plus, we know how important it is to stay connected nowadays. A phone is more than a luxury, it is important for every aspect of your life. And we don’t want you to miss any important work calls or business opportunities because you don’t have a phone Don’t be without a mobile phone any longer, for you have found the right people at last.

We have extraordinary credit terms here. We and our partners will work hard to come up with a solution for you. And you may still be surprised at how good the deal is. Today’s phones come in a variety of packages, shapes, sizes and prices, but we, as expert phone reviewers, know how to tell the bad cheap phones from the bargains. We can guarantee that the deal that you’ll get from us is the best you’ll get anywhere, whether it’s for a Blackberry, the Samsung Galaxy S3 or for the new iPhone 5. Because we don’t have fixed plans or deals set in stone. We work out what’s best for each individual.

Many people with bad credit or low income apply with us and see their hopes of having a good mobile phone fulfilled. Remember, we don’t provide poor quality phones, we provide cheap phones, using our market insight to make sure that you get the most for your money. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try and see what we can come up with for your situation.

You apply in good faith, and we’ll return that courtesy and work in good faith to get you a mobile phone. And we don’t stop working until we fulfil our promise.

We guarantee it.

No more need be said.