Compare mobile phone prices from every network

The market is full of free call services – the most famous of them definitely being Skype – that have caused mobile operators to lose countless amounts of money. Simply put, if people can call or text for free, they will. Many mobile operators have tried to fight this legally, to no avail – simply put, there are no laws being broken when you call your friends using Skype, and Skype is not breaking any laws by allowing you to do so.

Orange, the mobile brand of France Telecom, has come up with a different way to fight this situation. They have developed their own app online casino that allows this, and are distributing it with

their iPhones. An Android app will follow suite in early 2013. Their justification for this action was very simple: “either you deliver the most compelling service or your users switch to something else”. And we couldn”t agree more. Instead of fighting the times, you should try to get a share of the new markets.

Other companies like Telefonica

and Deutsche Telekom have also launched similar apps, and seem to be getting on very well with them. The truth is, the future lies in a more interactive way of communicating. A phone call is a bit outdated in a world of chatting, texting and instant messaging. These companies are helping to make the leap to a more complete way of communicating, where instead of simply making a voice call you”ll have the chance to have a voice or video chat with one or multiple people, while sharing files and multitasking with other things.