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A revolutionary service that pays customers to receive calls and texts has been launched by 3, the UK’s leading mobile medi provider. This is the first time that a service like this has been launched and it certainly breaks away from the normal billing cycle.

The pay as you go service is called ‘WePay’ and allows users to be rewarded with a cash credit for all the calls and texts they receive. The reward levels are set at 2p per text received and 5p per minute for calls received and it certainly promises good results if you are popular on 3.

Cash credits are redeemed whenever a customer purchases a new WePay Top-up voucher and the credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services including buying music tracks and watching mobile TV to simple texts and calls.

A quick example shows that for a five-minute call a customer would receive credit to send a picture message or watch highlights from two episodes of Coronation Street.

The UK pre pay market is quite complcated at present and many users lose out because they do not with to be tied down to a fixed monthly contract. According to 3 this new development is part of a wider mission to transform the pre-pay market and give better value to its users. From the evidence we have seen it certainly appears to give good value!

At present UK customers have been adopting complicated strategies for minimising their top up charges. According to research as many as 5.9 million people in the UK carry more than one phone for the purpose of calling cross networks. 3 are tapping into this market and intend to pursuade people to use their services exclusively by offering a loyalty scheme.

The loyalty scheme is a good marketing tool and will certainly give good value to the customers but the true benefits of the new tariff are the low inbound and text rates and wide range of stylish handsets available.

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