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With the Holidays fast approaching, any help in finding a gift for someone is welcome. Apple have done just that to all of us, in enabling an option that allows users to buy apps from the app store for another user. This feature was previously available with iOS 5, but it disappeared from iOS 6. It has recently made a comeback, and just in time for the holidays.

There was always the option of getting someone an iTunes gift certificate, but that was the Apple store equivalent of buying someone a gift certificate from a store. By gifting someone a specific app, you’re showing the person that you care and that you know them well enough to give them an app that you think they’ll enjoy. Of course, giving someone an app isn’t a grand gesture, but it’s the thought that counts and it is a pretty clever gift.

Apple added a small but very clever system to decide when you want people to receive their gifts. You can buy an app for each member of your family and have them get it all at the same time for a cute party trick.

This service should be available permanently now, but there are some suggestions that Apple rolled this out for the Holiday season knowing it could potentially be big during it, but may pull the plug on it again if it doesn’t prove a hit after the Holidays are over.