Compare mobile phone prices from every network

Marketing Pilgrim has an interesting round up today of a post by Brady Gilchrist about how mobile marketing should be implemented.

  • 1. Instant information: “Expect that the first major retail use of mobile internet . . . will be comparative shopping. . . . Widgets, such as reminder lists, traffic cams, weather forecasts and a million other useful bits and pieces, are all sponsorable and brandable opportunities.”
  • 2. Something for later: Download brochures, coupons, surveys and more, with just a swipe of your phone. Sounds familiar? Check out #3.
  • 3. Transaction: Japan and Europe are already using swipable chips in cell phones as a form of payment.
  • 4. Digital Companion: “As you pass by the dry cleaners the phone beeps to remind you of stuff you dropped off; as you enter the grocery store it automatically picks up your list of things to get from the web.”
  • 5. Side loading: Download video to your computer, where your bandwidth is cheaper, and transfer it to your phone. On this point, Brady states “Ultimately, what needs to change is the pricing structure of the wireless carriers.”
  • 6. Voicebots: Think Moviefone. “Walk into a bookstore, call a number and listen to a quick review of the most interesting books recently released. . . . Walk into a grocery store and listen to a quick recorded voice with some healthy dinner ideas or a wine store with smart suggestions.”

I think mobile marketing has a future but not in the same way as internet marketing. Bricks and mortar businesses will be the ones who benefit most with increased traffic to their retail stores. Consumers are going to be using applications such as location based shopping rather than looking for car insurance online.