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Within about a week of now the HTC M7 is due to be unveiled, the first phone ever to feature a 4.7 inch screen with 1080p resolution. With the One brand being used for low-, mid-high and high-end it’s hard to figure out the reasoning behind when a phone earns the label and when not. However, one of the main things they have had in common is that they have all run Android 4.0+ so far and have been in the slate style – things we would obviously expect of the much-hyped M7.

However, whilst all the other phones in the One series have been called individual names like the One V or One S the M7 gets the title One. Sort of like the “one ring to rule them all” thing, it seems to imply that the company are making big claims for this new handset. Other features as standard will be 2gb RAM, 32gb of storage and a 13 megapixel camera. It’s expected to run on HTC Sense 5 and Android Jelly Bean with all of its “buttery goodness” (as mentioned in other posts) being put to good use on the state of the art screen.

New information, arriving yesterday, says that the price has been leaked and it is set to retail within the UK at £560 during the launch phase. It is clearly attempting to appeal to the high end of the market and will, for the foreseeable future, remain out of reach to the vast majority of phone users in the UK. Still, for those that can afford it it is likely to be one of the more desirable Android phones (or even phones full stop) available in 2013.