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After great anticipation, the iPhone 5 has finally hit the stores and is on sale around the globe. The honor of selling the first iPhone over the counter goes to an Apple store in Sydney, Australia. News from all countries where the iPhone 5 is already being sold speak of incredible demand for the product and record-breaking sales all around, which may wreck havoc in Apple”s already battered supply lines.

Reports of huge queues starting coming in late last night, as excitement started mounting. All nbso online casino reviews around the globe people were anxious to get their hands on Apple”s newest smartphone, and the overall impression of those who got

it was very positive. People seem to generally like the look and feel of the iPhone 5, and many state that it is noticeably faster than its predecessor. Many more reviews will be reaching the Internet as soon as the sales in North America start piling.

Samsung, however, was quick to rain on Apple”s parade. They quickly

issued a press release where they state they”ll be adding the iPhone 5 to their lawsuit against Apple. But competitors weren”t the only ones to shatter Apple”s dreams of a perfect launch day. Apple Maps was under heavy criticism from many people that recently purchased the iPhone for quite

simply not being up to the required standards, especially compared to Google Maps, which is no longer featured in the standard release of the iPhone.