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Today two major upcoming devices saw photos leaked: Nokia’s first phablet, a 6″ Lumia, and the first Snapdragon 800 smartphone from Lenovo. Both are somewhat surprising devices: Nokia is known for making small phones, and Lenovo isn’t known in the West for making phones at all.

First let’s look at the device from Lenovo. The phone has seen leaks under two different names, the Lenovo K6 and the Lenovo X910, one Chinese based tech forums. It’s unsurprising that the rumoured surfaced here given that Lenovo have so far been dedicated to creating phones for the large Chinese market. In the UK and other European and North American countries Lenovo are almost exclusively associated with creating computers.

In part the fact we haven’t seen these devices in the West has been that Lenovo has been developed relatively low end smartphones which don’t appeal in countries where most phones come free or at low cost with a contract. However the latest leaks are of a high end phone using the latest series of processors from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 800 range. Indeed having a Snapdragon 800 inside one likely put the phone into a faster speed bracket that even leading devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 which uses a Snapdragon 600 chip. However it’s hard to say for certain as there’s so many factors at play when it comes down to the speed that smartphones operate at.

The device is rumoured to have some other high end specs too, including a Full HD 1080p 5″ display, alongside a Adreno 330 graphics chip. Despite these high end stats it’s likely that the phone will still be largely a Chinese-orientated device, and it’s possible Lenovo won’t even make a version compatible with non-Chinese network bandwidths. However we’re hoping that they will and add a bit more competition to the Android market here.

For those who prefer their phones to run Windows Phone 8 but love the larger devices that have become popular on Android in recent years, Nokia has a treat for you: they’re working on a 6″ phablet Lumia.

An image of the device linked today showing a large screen component with a really think bezel. The screen is being held by a worker in a protective suit used to ensure that dust doesn’t get on sensitive parts during manufacture. While it’s not 100% certain this is a legitimate part, the background to it does add quite a bit of credibility to it. If this is indeed the screen for the Nokia Lumia phablet the device is going to be one of the best looking phones on the market and would well tempt Android and iPhone users to switch to Windows Phone.

The only reason to cast doubt on the idea this is a Nokia device is in the size. 6″ is large for a phablet, with the Samsung Note II only 5.55″. Nokia hasn’t been known for making any big devices in the past, so to leap to such a large phone seems a bit more of a risk than you’d expect the Finnish company to take. Still given the leaker – ICTech on Weibo – has a great track record we think this is legit and Nokia will indeed be releasing a 6″ phone this year.