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Samsung has been keeping busy and has recently launched a new version of their Note tablet. The device is, for now, only available in the Korean market. This is Samsung”s clever response to the fact that their Tab lineup isn”t behaving as well in terms of sales as expected, while people around the world seem to agree with us that the Note is a breath of fresh air, and a very cleverly designed product. Bringing the LTE technology to the Note now helps bridge the gap between this device and the Galaxy Tab 4g, which is most welcome.

The main selling points of this new edition of the Note are the use of the LTE network, but also the implementation of voice over LTE, allowing calls to be placed over the network. This will help cement the notion that the Note is somewhere between a tablet and a phone, online casino and hopefully it will keep performing both tasks well.

Asides from those features, some new ones have surfaced as well. The new Note has a feature that allows users to easily copy and paste text using the pen, an Air View feature that helps you find pictures easier, and the ability to split the screen into two separate windows, which is a great multitasking tool.

We”ll be waiting for the Note to be released in the European market so we can get our hands on one. A source says that this could happen before the end of the year, although Samsung hasn”t released any official statement. We”re hoping that this new Note is Samsung”s surprise Christmas present for the Holiday lineup, but we”ll have to wait and see.