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In today’s Mobile News, we discuss a bit about Nomophobes, SmartTags, a Braille Touch app and maybe a bit more. Keep reading for details.

British Nomophobia on Rise
According to a survey conducted by SecurEnvoy, two-thirds of Britons have an unrealistic fear of losing their mobile phones.

A phobia is an unnatural or grossly exaggerated fear. The unrealistic fear of losing a mobile phone is called nomophobia.

From 2008 through 2011, the number of cases of nomophobia, which extends far beyond a ‘wanting’ to have the phone to that ‘times x’ factored phobia has risen almost 68 percent.

One thousand people responded to the survey, and 61 percent of the males and 70 percent of the females admitted to that irrational fear of losing their mobiles, even if they had land lines.

The survey also revealed that better than 40 percent of the respondents had more than one mobile device, although the data didn’t break out the actual types.

Xperia SmartTags Coming Soon
If you like the idea of automatic NFC settings that can change according to your environment, the Sony Xperia SmartTags provide that immediacy and that versatility.

Sold in packs of four, you connect a smart tag, set parameters and hang one corresponding tag. Keep the paired tag in that environment. Tap the tagged phone to the environmental tag, in the office, for instance, and your NFC information settings change automatically.

If you want one for the personal side of life, program another tag for switching information when that environmental tag is tapped, say, in your car or purse.

You need, of course, a smartphone with NFC technology and the soon-to-be-released disks. Your mobile phone must be running Android 2.3.7 or higher, and they should be available about the same time the Sony Xperia S is released. In the UK, that should be in early March.