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A new survey released today casts doubt on the often quoted figures regarding mobile search. Most companies believe that 809% of UK users are using mobile search when in fact the figure is around 20%.

Just 20% of UK subscribers actually search for content on the mobile internet, despite an industry perception that 89% do, according to research released today, from the Mobile Entertainment Forum and Ovum. The survey questioned MEF members including operators, content providers and technology enablers to gauge industry views, as well as 1,000 UK consumers.

Most people seem to be searching for ringtones rather then the nearest restaurant. This is probably because the local search services are not properly marketed and integrated into peoples handsets. If services such as Orange Local were demonstrated to people they would be amazed, despite the fact most handsets have access to the service.

Maybe GPS phones will help people realise the potential of local search. The volume of sat nav sales in the UK indicates there is a market for such products.
Via Marketing Pilgrim