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Today saw two major photo leaks of upcoming devices: the new iPhone 5S which will likely launch in September, and a first phablet from Nokia who have so far avoided creating larger devices.

First the Nokia Lumia 625. The images of this phone come from a Chinese regulatory body which tests products before they are allowed on the market. This makes it likely that the leaked photos are indeed accurate, as other explanations aren’t particularly plausible.

Don’t get too excited by this device however – it’s not going to be a competitor for the likes of phablets from Samsung or Sony. Indeed it’s not going to be even competition for other Lumia devices. Why? Because this is a low end phone clearly aimed at low cost markets, where Nokia is still in a leading position with its feature phones.

The phone will have a 4.7″ screen, which although is larger than other Nokia offerings is far below the largest phablets on the market that currently have sizes in excess of 6″. The resolution is just 800×480, which is less than half what current high end smartphones offer, and the RAM at half a GB is a quarter of the typical RAM offerings of flagship phones. Other stats include a 5 megapixel camera, compared with Nokia’s new top end Lumia’s 41 megapixels. The  Lumia 625 phone is expected to be only about £200 without contract, about a third of the price of Nokia’s best phones.

Today also saw new leaks of the iPhone 5S. Just yesterday we reported on this phone going into production despite manufacturing issues with the fingerprint scanner. Today C Technology, the same discoverers of the Nokia 625 photos, also uncovered photos of parts of the iPhone 5S. One photo showed a specially designed box for holding iPhone 5S shells, with shells in plastic bags inside. The other showed the aluminium back panel from both sides.

Along with the leaked photos there was also leaked specs about the device, which if true might represent the biggest spec jump yet for a ‘S’ upgrade. ‘S’ upgrades generally offer speed boosts but keep the basic design of the previous model. It looks like the design of the 5S will be quite close to the 5, but with a dual LED and bigger camera.

The tech spec upgrades include a quad-core graphics chip, the SGX 554MP4. The processor will be an upgraded A6 rather than the expected A7, and the RAM will be 2GB. There is also upgrades to the LTE 4G chip promised which might mean the new super-LTE speeds of 150mbps will work on the device.

The camera, as well as getting the dual-LED which will substantially increase photo quality when the flash is used, will also be upgraded to a 12 megapixel sensor. The phone will also finally get an NFC chip, allowing it to be used as a payment device when merchants finally get around to adopting this technology. It remains to be seen if Apple will allow customers to use their Apple iTunes accounts to make purchases at retailers or if they will make a deal with the major credit card networks such as Visa and Mastercard instead.