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It”s not a Black Friday deal, it”s the regular deal. Nokia is still trying to get back to its roots as the leading mobile phone developer, and having a plethora of phones – from the very cheap to the highest-end – is part of that plan. Here at MobilePhones we”re all about cheap phones, so we jumped on the opportunity to take a look at these phones as soon as we heard about it.

Technically these two Asha phones are not smartphones – they are being described as “feature phones”. This means that they don”t have full smartphone capabilities, but they do mask it pretty well. For example, they don”t run the Windows 8 Mobile operating system that the new Lumia online casino phones have, they run their own in-house light operating system. But they can run some apps, like Facebook and Twitter, have a browser and allow file sharing. They even have limited GPS capabilities, by using the phone towers to pinpoint the phone”s location.

Other great selling points for these phones: they come unlocked, making it easy to switch carriers with them, and they have a very large battery life – Nokia claims it is “measured in weeks”.

The downside of it is that they”re not available yet, and they may not be available in your part of the World. Since these phones don”t use Windows 8, Nokia is weary of introducing them in places where it markets its partnership with Microsoft too heavily, so they”re reluctant to release it in the US and the UK. Which is a shame, because there really aren”t enough non-smartphone alternatives, and the market is in need of good product selection in that niche.