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O2 is planning to launch a new music service to provide O2 customers with a dedicated channel to manage and buy their music downloads. Once the service launches later in 2006 customers will experience the best features of a PC download services combined with the ease of using a mobile device.

This is another sign of the mobile internet and the ‘real’ internet merging and becoming one service with a multitude of uses. O2 users will be allowed to preview and buy full tracks in addition to short preview clips from a large catalogue of songs using their mobile device. Tracks will not be locked after download so they can be transferred to another device eg PC or MP3 player. The cost is expected to compete very well with current services and can be paid by credit card through an existing O2 account.

Since O2 became the first mobile operator to offer a music download service in 2003 it has continued to innovate and no doubt we will see more great services like this in the near future.

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