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A similar upgrade to the one what was made available for the Galaxy Note 10.1 has now come out for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The upgrade pack is called Premium Suite and it comes with a number of additions that aim to make the experience of using an S3 a lot smoother and user-friendly.

It’s no surprise that Samsung are coming out with new updates for what it considered they flagship phone, and also one of the best, if not the best, Android phone. It’s been selling incredibly well, outperforming the iPhone 5 in many markets, as Samsung continues to make a big name for themselves. And the fact that they offer this kind of post-sale support is a great reason for people to keep buying Samsung products.

Back to the upgrade, one of its main features is one called “Page Buddy” that can tell what you want to do based on your actions. So, if you plug in your earphones, the phone will know that you’re getting ready to listen to music and start up the music player. It’s one of those applications that is bound to make some people angry at the fact that it exists, but it’s also a step in making the phones smarter and have them cater to users’ needs a lot better. Other new features include a Facebook Lock Ticker that displays Facebook info on the lock screen, and also support for multiple windows.

It’s unclear as of yet if this upgrade will have an effect on the Galaxy’s speed and performance. But judging by the phone’s incredibly powerful hardware, there’s a chance that you will barely notice it.