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Asides from hosting a variety of art pieces, the British Royal Collection is also house to a number of modern devices and technology products, most of which hold information that is to be passed on to future generations – in the manner of a time capsule.

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign, 60 movie clips of events related to her years as Queen were compiled and placed in a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, for viewing by the Queen and so that they can be stored in the Royal Collection. This means that the Galaxy Note is the Collection’s first tablet PC, an honor we’re sure Samsung appreciates.

What’s not very clear is why Apple’s iPad, which essentially revolutionized the way we look at and work with tablets, was left in the dark. It may or may not have something to do with Apple’s recent falling out with a British court of law. It is perhaps more likely that it was chosen because of some of its innovative features, like the use of the stylus pen, and because of its more portable size. But whatever way you look at it, it looks like Samsung fans have one more reason to celebrate a small win over Apple, which seems to be happening more and more these last few weeks.