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Samsung has just announced the two new phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+. The announcement comes from Samsung’s Polish website and confirms a long standing rumour that these products were about be be launched. The new phones from the South Korean manufacturer provide the same great phablet and stylus experience we’ve come to love from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but with a lower price and a slightly smaller screen.

To look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo you’d hardly notice a difference from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unless you put the two devices side by side. They both feel around the same weight, they both use a faux-leather black backplate, and they both follow the same style guidelines. The only difference is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo is slightly smaller in both width and height than the Note 3, and the screen has also shrunk to match this — from 5.7 inches to 5.5 inches.

With the smaller screen size comes a smaller resolution, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo having a 720p HD resolution as opposed to the better 1080p Full HD resolution found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. A similar spec downgrade is found on the camera which is 8 megapixels and takes 1080p video, while the original Note 3 is 13 megapixels and capable of recording video in 4K resolution.

There’s also changes under the bonnet, with the processors in the phone different – although not necessarily worse – than those in the Note 3. The LTE+ version (which can accessed the fastest 4G networks) comes with a hexa-core chipset which contains four 1.3GHz Cortex A7 cores and two 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 cores. The non-4G version comes with a different processor, a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU running at 1.6 GHz. The 3G version is clearly not as powerful as the original Note 3, but the 4G version might be – we’ll have to wait for the benchmarks on that one.

Other features include 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, microSD card slot for memory expansion, and a 2 megapixel secondary forward facing Camera. Naturally there’s WiFi, Bluetooth 4, NFC, GPS and GLONASS and even an IR blaster for some markets. And like the rest of the Note range there’s the famous S Pen Stylus. This is proving popular and has converted many people from simply using their fingers to using the S Pen wand, and remains a key selling point for the Note series of phablet phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which isn’t the latest version but still offers most of the functionality of the newer Android. No pricing yet on the device, but rest assured that if you’re on a budget this is much more affordable than the premium high end Samsung Galaxy Note 3.If you’ve got the money for a contract with the Note 3 and want a powerful phone, we’d still recommend you go for that rather than the slightly newer Note 3 Neo however – primarily as the screen resolution on the Neo of 720p isn’t particularly good given the large screen size.