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Pre-orders of the Galaxy S IV in the UK indicate this could be the largest smartphone launch so far this year, and potentially larger than even an upcoming Apple release. Samsung plans to sell 10 million units in the first month worldwide, and if indications of sales so far are correct they should easily beat this number despite it being twice the sales rate of the Galaxy S III.

Graham Stapleton, COO of Carphone Warehouse, talked about the demand for the phone explaining that “The Galaxy SIII launch broke records last year and was always going to be a tough one to beat, but the S4 is already proving to be a more than capable step up in the series that will inspire many people to make the switch to Android from other operating systems”.

The figures on how much larger the demand is than the previous generation Galaxy S device, the Galaxy S IV, are incredibly impressive and a real indication that Samsung’s marketing is working a treat. Pre-registrations for the device are apparently 446% higher. Of course numbers from a single retailler should be taken with a pinch of salt as the increase in pre-registrations could in part be down to changes in their internal marketing strategy, but if figures are anything like this it could easily be the best selling phone of the year, especially as it will have had months head start on any new iPhone.

Like many other mobile blogs we’ve focussed a lot on the Samsung Galaxy S IV in the last month or so with almost daily rumours appearing prior to launch and many comparisons and reactions afterwards, you’ll be forgiven for thinking this blog had switching to focussing only on that phone. Sadly there’s likely more to come, at least until another major launch.

The Galaxy S IV is a high end smartphone by price bracket, many retailers only planning on giving it away for free with tariffs that cost around £45 a month, although exact pricing isn’t yet available – we’ll have to wait until closer to the April 26th launch date to find out.

Sadly for UK buyers we’ve recently discovered that the processors that will be used in the device will be the quad-core rather than the octa-core ones. Unusually for a phone Samsung is shipping different processors in different countries, largely due to different radios being used in the device in different markets. We’ve been hoping the UK might have gotten the more powerful octa-core but it’s now been confirmed that we’ll have to settle for the quad-core. Still this is one of the most powerful smartphone processors on the market and no reason to not get the device which is rated at 1.9GHz and is a Snapdragon 600 model. The more processors the more battery efficient a phone can be, as it can power up more when needed and turn them off when not required unlike a faster processor with fewer cores which needs to use more constantly.

On the topic of the S IV we’ve had a lot of accessories pre-annouced for it, including the game controller featured in the image which we can’t wait to use to play old classics like Sonic on.