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It now looks almost certain that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched on 24th February, in less than two weeks time, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung has issued two invites for an event entitled ‘Unpacked 5′. Samsung Unpacked events have previously been reserved only for their high end phones: the Samsung Galaxy Note series and the Samsung Galaxy S series. They also usually tease the next phone in their invites, and the small 5 almost certainly represents the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The latest invite which is now just a few hours old reveals nine circular icons representing different aspects of a phone, from ‘style’ to ‘social’, ‘privacy’ to ‘outdoor’, as well as ‘speed’, ‘curiosity’, ‘fun’, ‘fitness’ and ‘life’. While none of the icons reveal any specifics about what we can expect from the phone there’s is some indication that they might indicate a refresh of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. If the invite design is anything to go by it indicates that Samsung is adopting a flat design, what is proving popular on other interfaces currently. TouchWiz has previously been quite flashy, so this would mark a major design departure for Samsung. A ┬árecent leaked screenshots of the upcoming S Health app seems to confirm this change in design aesthetic. The screenshots show a design that is actually quite similar to the Metro design used in the latest Microsoft Windows.

Today also saw the leak of a retail box apparently of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 and containing technical specifications of the device. Some of these tech specs matched up with previous rumours, although some were different. At this stage it’s hard to verify any rumour, and we always seem conflicting leaks prior to the launch of major handsets. However if the box leak is correct then the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a truly impressive phone that should be able to continue from where the Samsung Galaxy S4 left off.

Almost everything gets an update, with a much better processor, better RAM, bigger and higher resolution screen, and improved camera. Even the battery is improved, and will apparently now be 3000 mAh. The RAM will increase to 3GB, which is the same as the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The camera will apparently increase to 20 megapixels, with autofocus, and the front facing camera will be at a 2 megapixel resolution. The display is shown as QHD which is equivalent of 1440p, much higher than the S4′s Full HD 1080p. It’s also apparently slightly larger, with a 5.25 inch screen. Smartphone sizes have been growing in recent years, but many expected 5 inches to the be settling point. At 5.25 inches the phone would be larger than the original Galaxy Note.

The processor that has leaked is a quad-core 2.5 GHz CPU. This strongly hints at the processor being a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 which has recently been announced. These processors can reach up to 2.7 GHz but it appears Samsung have chosen to make some savings by not going for the top of the range option. As you’d expect there’s all the usual technologies such as WiFi, GPS, GLONASS, etc. Sadly it appears that we won’t be getting the S Pen from the Note series though.