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Although relatively small compared to the sales of the Galaxy S3 smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s innovative combination of phone and tablet – cleverly nicknamed “phablet” has sold 5 million units in the first two months since it’s been on sale.

This is a vast improvement over the sales of its predecessor, the original Galaxy Note, that took three months to reach the three million mark. Numbers being touted by Samsung say that they predict the Note 2 will sell around 20 million units overall. Again, we have to point out that this is a product that is not in the highest demand – it is probably the only one in its niche combining a small tablet and a phone. It’s also not the cheapest device, but its users claim that it is very well designed and vastly useful. In a time where people – including this editorial staff – vastly complain that the smartphone industry is lacking in true innovation, the Note 2 is here to show every manufacturer that sometimes betting on something different can be very much worth the trouble.