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ForeverMap2 is here to become a viable alternative to the biggest map app available – Google Maps. As fat as Apple Maps is concerned, ForeverMap2 already won one important battle – it was bug-free when it launched.

We’re all aware of how Google Maps dominates the market, so in order to compete with it you have to either be better than it, or offer some advantage that Google Maps doesn’t have. And ForeverMap2, even though it’s a paid app, promises to be cheaper than Google Maps. That’s because its offline capabilities are superior to Google Maps. It allows you to download a specific map and then you can use it offline as if you were online – you can search information, zoom in, etc. while offline. This will help you save on your precious data plan. Also, by getting its mapping information from OpenStreetMap, a crowdsourced open-source project, it makes it easy to get accurate information without having to build a database from scratch.

Side by side, Google Maps is a more refined experience. It has more features and it pretty much does everything a bit better, while you’re online. ForeverMap2 has the one advantage of having the best offline use, and that might be enough to get it to gain a foothold in the maps apps niche. The app is available for Android and comes with a free offline map. An iPhone version should be available by the end of the year.