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The court case pitting Apple against Samsung has had yet another interesting development, with Samsung breaking Apple’s winning streak and getting a win that, although small, may go a long way in getting the South Korean company to restore its image.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to this case, which has been dragging on for quite some time, we’ll give you a small recap. Apple originally filed a lawsuit against Samsung for violation of copyright in a number of Samsung products, namely its tablets and smartphones. Apple reasons that Samsung is violating several of its patents, from the way the phones and tablets are designed, their cosmetic look and the way their operating systems work. Samsung has, since day one, stated that these accusations are ludicrous. They feel that it doesn’t make sense for Apple to even have rights on something that they refer to simply as a “rectangle with rounded corners”. They feel that the way phones are designed right now is simply a natural way, and it makes as much sense for Apple to have a patent on that as it would for General Motors to have a patent on a car that has four wheels.

But the court felt otherwise. Apple won that lawsuit, which means that Samsung has to pay Apple a hefty sum and revise their entire phone and tablet line. Or it would mean that, if the case weren’t still in court, making the rounds of appeals and whatnot. All in all, this was great news for Apple, but terrible news not just for Samsung, but for all companies that make phones using Android as an OS. Android and Google were so worried about the outcome of this result that they allegedly helped Samsung in the lawsuit by providing a lot of information about Android and adding their own legal team’s weight to the mix. Again, these are only rumors. Ironically, Microsoft – arguably Apple’s bitterest rival – would also come out on top of this whole ordeal, since their own Windows Mobile OS has no patent issues with Apple and will strive to occupy whatever ground Android gives way.

But this recent development may tip the scales and change everything once again. Samsung has managed to prove that their Galaxy Tab in fact is not infringing copyright at all, and a court has agreed that it doesn’t make sense for the tablet to be included in Apple’s ban list. This means not only that Samsung will be able to offer one of their top selling products to the general public during the Holiday season without fear of repercussion; it also means that the tide may be changing and a legal precedent has been created for the dismissal of some, if not many, of the bans on Samsung products in the United States.