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Sony is keen to regain their position as one of the top phone companies in the world, and it seems like that push to the top is going to be spearheaded by a phone that Sony executives hope will turn many heads.

There have been rumors surfacing that a new phone, codenamed “Odin”, was in the making, and that Sony was keeping it under a very tight lid. It is not confirmed that Odin is this new phone that Sony is now talking about, but there is probably some relation between the two.

Not a lot of concrete information has come out about this new device, only that it will for sure be running some version of the Android operating system. Sony Mobile sales and marketing head Dennis Van Schie has stated that this new phone will be built and marketed to compete with the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3, and as far as we’re concerned competition at the highest level is always welcome.

When asked to comment on the rise of the Windows Phone platform, Schie quickly made it clear that Sony are watching Windows very closely, hinting that, perhaps, a future partnership with Microsoft may be in the making. It wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft flirted with different companies, and at this particular time we’re keen to see more diversity in the mobile phone market.