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This week saw the release of Utter! an app designed to enable users to take full advantage of the offline voice recognition possible in Android Jelly Bean. In the past, the only non-system apps that recognised your voice without using a web connection were Input Method Editors or, in other words, they were just apps that provided a circuitous way of typing on your phone rather than using voice recognition to give it commands.

Utter! now claims to be the first to make offline voice recognition work for Jelly Bean so that you can make best use of this feature on your phone. Utter makes it possible to do all of the normal things your phone does by telling it to do them with your voice while offline. This can include launching apps, making calls, sending texts or whatever you want it to do. According to the developer it works not just with system applications but with every app on your phone. This means that a powerful virtual assistant that is available to Jelly Bean users for the first time.

Moreover, Utter is free for all users at the moment and in its own words is “not your average Siri clone” but prioritises functionality and speed over any of the usual virtual assistant gimmicks. It’s also only a small drain on your battery and ram, guaranteeing that it will not slow your phone down whilst in use.

All you have to do to launch Utter, once it is installed, is wake your phone by shaking it or pressing a button and it is will instantly become available for you to use. Currently the app has a high 4.3 user rating on even though it is still technically in the beta testing stage having been out just one week. It is likely to continue to improve with the few reported minor bugs being ironed out within the foreseeable future.