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Not that long ago, the objective of a phone’s design was to be as small and compact as possible. The trends we’re seeing in smart phones today, be it design or otherwise, seem miles away from where the industry was headed just a few years prior. With the ever growing popularity of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, and the latest iPhone, it’s obvious that the market is demanding much more from their phones. Users want bigger screens, faster processors and more storage, and are willing to deal with considerably larger handsets. Smart phones are almost competing with the exponential growth of tablets, offering all of the perks of a PC, in a practical and portable package.

When it comes to power, there are a few phones leading the pack. Taking a look at the top three best quad-core smartphones, you’ll be surprised to see an iPhone is not mentioned. There are few phones available on the market that boast a quad-core processor, but the top three are all brands you’ll recognize: HTC, LG and Samsung. Complimented by 1GB of RAM, you can expect a smooth and seamless user experience. With all of the success of the Galaxy S3, even in light of the latest iPhone release, you can expect to see a lot more quad-core smart mobile casino phones to be released next year.

As for connectivity, the much anticipated 4G LTE network is quickly spreading, which provides phones with lightening fast data transfer, soon with support around the world. There is also some revolutionary technology being introduced to phones with NFC chips. Devices with a Near Field Communication chip can share data by simply being in proximity with each other, thanks to Android Beam. And soon, users will also be able to make mobile payments in various shops with their smart phone.

Listening to buyers has also meant several other improvements in many brands, including phones with removable batteries and an opportunity to increase storage via MicroSD card, which make them more user friendly, for those looking for the option. Other brands choose not to follow trends, or make improvements based on user demands, none more obvious than Apple, who don’t seem to suffer in sales despite never offering simple options like an accessible battery or expandable memory.

Packing all of these features in a sleek design is difficult, without sacrificing something, but many brands have found ways to please the masses, with virtually no draw backs.