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Microsoft is kick starting a new era, where tablet computers and personal computers are coming together under the same roof. Windows Phone 8 is what the wireless industry was looking for, for quite a long time. Android and iOS were the only two operating systems that were considered capable, but now the third real contender is emerging.

Android often lags and needs to be fragmented. Recently, at Google’s 2012 I/O, Google announced “Project Butter”, the fight against this critical bug. Project butter is implemented in Jelly Bean which is available in new Android smartphones which are shipping out right now. But still JB’s market share is as low as 2%. In reality, they should implement it as a ‘patch’ for every Android version. On the other hand, Windows Phone 8 is a very capable Operating System: it is fluid and does not lag, no matter what you might throw at it.

Another aspect where Windows Phone excels is it’s new User Interface. Metro tiles are one of those innovative designs which appeals to users in many ways. ‘Icon only’ iOS feels stale now, with no change for more than 5 years, iOS feels more static and sluggish with each update. Apple should really take it seriously. In Windows Phone 8 you can pin your favorite apps and can re-size the tile according to your needs. Live tile, in my opinion, is the best way to be alerted of new notifications.

Everyone seems to do the notification bar the same way, may it be the iOS or Android or Belle or any current generation Mobile OS. It is really good to see that Microsoft is not copying others and is doing Notifications in a simple and more elegant way.

Windows Phone 8 still has a downside; it lacks those bustling developers who create those Apps which is what makes an operating system successful. Most of Google services still do not have their respective apps in the Windows store, which deters consumers. People love brands like Bing, which will always be inferior to Google. But it will grow in time, I suppose.

If Microsoft wants to win the market share they should focus on Applications. The User interface, fluid transitions and management of memory in a better way, plus that excellent typography, is enough to make a customer ogle at it’s beautiful Windows Phone 8 devices.

This post is written by Rajat Jain, Editor of The Tech Next, which aims at bringing new Tech updates and Social Media news.



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