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There are a lot of complaints about how the Apple App Store makes life too difficult for iOS users and how not even Google was able to make the Android Market, now Google Play, any better. Windows is hoping to set itself apart from the competition in this category, and the Windows Phone Store is actually very easy to use, and has some pretty intelligent features that will hopefully start making its way to the Apple and Android world.

Our favorite feature is the fact that is saves all information on the apps that you installed on your phone. This makes migrating them to a new phone, or to our phone after some unfortunate mishap, much easier. On Android you have to rifle through search results to find your old, trusty app, which can be a daunting task at times.

Another very cool feature is that you don’t actually need to be on your phone or have it plugged in to install apps on it. Since Windows Phones come with full support for MicroSd cards, you can download your app to the card and install it on your phone at a later time. This makes managing apps so much easier, and it’s something that makes us wonder how someone else hasn’t thought about it before. This is just another sign that Microsoft may yet accomplish what they set out to do: create a mobile phone experience as streamlined as Apple’s, but as customizable as Android’s.

This upgrade to the Store marks the entry of the Windows Phone Store into 32 more countries, meaning it is now available on 112 countries around the world.