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One thing we have to thank nerds for is pushing existing technology beyond the feature-set that it was designed with. It was this community of nerds that through iPhone jail breaking created features that Apple would later copy for their official releases such as notification centre. Today users of the Samsung Galaxy S III have got their reward from the hardware hacker community who have found a way to wirelessly charge Galaxy SIII phones.

Late January saw speculation that the next version of Samsung’s best seller, the Galaxy S IV, will feature wireless charging among other new features such as a 13 megapixel camera. The phone will also feature 1080p video, a much faster processor and expandable memory. Samsung has set themselves incredibly high sales targets according to a South Korean newspaper which broke the story. If you’re an android fan and can wait a little while the next Galaxy S phone looks to be shaping up to be an excellent choice. But if waiting for the next model is too much hassle or you’re stuck in a contract with your Galaxy S III but still want to wirelessly charge, there now is a solution.

Many of you might have bought a Galaxy S III thinking it had wireless charging. No, you weren’t imagining it – Samsung had promised a kit to go with the phone, but this never materialised. The hack to give the phone wireless charging probably costs less than Samsung would have charged for the kit, and the time taken to put it all together is so short that you’d possibly spend about as long trying to get into the packaging of an official charger if one had been released!

The solution is elegant – it doesn’t alter the appearance or shape of the phone as it’s contained within the back panel, and the wireless charging adapter fits the phone well and looks good given it was designed by Palm, the sadly ill fated smartphone provider which Bono of U2 famed invested in.

We disclaim any responsibility for any damage that might occur to your phone from following these instructions. These instructions originally appears on XDA forum posted by member android94301 which go into more detail.

Tools Required

  • Scotch tape
  • Knife
  • Palm Pixi Charging Back
  • Palm Touchstone Charger and accompanying AC adapter
  • Copper tape
Total cost: £20

Time required: Less than 10 minutes

The instructions start by telling you to peel off the black tape form the Palm Pixi case and remove the circuit board, metallic tape, coil and metal disks. Don’t discard these as you’ll need some of them later.

Next you need to place these components into the backplate of your S III. Place the coil in an upside down position at the bottom of the back plate.

If you want more then we recommend reading the thread on the site which shows step by step instructions alongside photos and even a template. CNET also have their own version of the instructions which are ever so slightly different and simpler to follow and include photos of the process embedded in their article.