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Users of Sony’s Xperia T family of phones – the official phones for last year’s James Bond film by the way – are about to get a treat. Sony are rolling out the new Android Jelly Bean firmware (v4.1 and above) worldwide via an automated firmware upgrade. As of February 2013 this has only just been announced and is currently only active in the Netherlands. However, users worldwide can expect to benefit from this in the next few weeks, including US users of the Xperia TL (through AT&T).

Part of the Jelly Bean update involves enabling users to benefit from something known as “Project Butter”. This is Android’s attempt to make their user interface “buttery smooth” by using various technical developments including but not limited to touch anticipation, triple buffering the graphics and increasing the fixed frame rate to 60fps.

On top of this, there are also a number of other handy improvements to the Android OS that come with Jelly Bean including the ability to turn off notifications on an app specific basis. In fact, one wonders why they never included this in the first place. The OS will also now automatically resize shortcuts and widgets to help more to fit on home screens when necessary. Those who regularly dictate into their phone may appreciate the introduction of offline voice dictation as well.

If you have not yet received the update to your phone then you should be aware that this could take up to a couple of weeks but no longer. Almost all users should see this rolled out to their phone by early March at the very latest enabling them to enjoy the buttery goodness of the new UI.